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Introducing OnAIR

Hybridity’s virtual event platform, powered by EventsAIR
Virtual Conferences Made Simple
OnAIR gives us the ability to manage the complete online attendee event journey, with the flexibility to hold virtual, hybrid or blended events anywhere, anytime and on any device.
It provides all the functionality required to turn virtual events into reality, including registering for sessions, meeting matching, plenary and speaker sessions, lead capture, sponsor advertising, live Q&A and polling, plus so much more.
OnAIR provides users with a high quality, functional and easy to use experience that will easily fulfil their virtual event needs. Feature packed and powerful, OnAir is the perfect solution to deliver exceptional virtual events.
Customisable Timeline
Your online event agenda showing sessions, workshops, networking groups, exhibitors, ePoster sessions, and more, in one user-friendly, configurable screen. Customize the entire portal with your event brand design, add sponsor banners, and live hosts for a great user experience.
  • Sessions

  • Workshops

  • Networking

  • Exhibitors

  • Customisable

  • Text Hover
  • Text Hover
Virtual Sessions
Present live broadcasts with multiple video streams, play pre-record sessions on-demand, synchronize to run in real-time. Add live Q&A, polls, and discussion forums for greater engagement. Filter sessions and set alerts.
  • Multiple video streams

  • Q&A Capabilities

  • Polls

  • Forums

Exhibitor Marketplace
Showcase products and services online. Engage with attendees through video calls or live chat, record interactions, brochure downloads. Connect via the Meeting Hub. Show corporate videos in queue. Use lead capture to follow up on opportunities
  • Video calls & Chat

  • Downloads

  • Interactive

  • Lead capture

  • Text Hover
  • Text Hover
Networking Groups
Set up virtual function areas where attendees can meet and exchange ideas. Groups may be preselected according to shared interests. Create social networking groups to get your attendees chatting. Sponsors can use facilitated groups for discussions.
  • Virtual function areas

  • Interest based

  • Social element

  • Sponsor opportunity

Meeting hub
A secure meeting space for event attendees. Browse attendee profiles, request to connect with someone, start up a conversation via text, video call or messenger, or schedule a meeting – it will add the meeting to your timeline.
  • Browse attendees

  • Connect with delegates

  • Start up a conversation

  • Schedule a meeting

  • Integrates into your calendar

  • Text Hover
  • Text Hover
Set goals and award points, badges and prizes to encourage participation in sessions, live chats, polling, Q&A, networking, answering trivia questions, and visiting exhibitors and connecting with other attendees. Great for in-person hybrid or virtual events.
  • Fun & interactive

  • Encourages participation

  • Connect with attentees

  • Flexible

and so much more...