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Our industry leading solutions will revolutionise your event

A simple registration process is essential to the ongoing success of your event. Being the first touchpoint for the delegate at your event, it sets the tone and lays the foundation for what’s to come.


With our modular-style platform, we are able to deliver any combination of the following:

Personal Details

Collect all the information you require from your registrants including the ability to add custom questions that can be automatically included in your reports.
Custom Fields

Add custom questions in multiple areas of your booking form, allowing for radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, select from lists, as well as set mandatory questions for important details.
Registration Types

With one booking form, create multiple choices for your registrants registration, eg. Students, VIPs, Speakers etc. Create unlimited choices for your registrants.
Create Tickets

Create a ticketed event, and provide registrants with a ticket for your Gala Dinner, Welcome Reception or any social event within your event.

Include multiple workshops or concurrent sessions, and add pricing and space limitations with the click of a button. Easily access workshop reports to track registrants attending.
Social Events

Include Gala Dinners & Welcome Receptions as part of the full registration or let the registrant choose. Social events can be given a price as well as space limitations if required.

Create options for your registrants to choose transfers options from their booking, allowing you to accurately organise transportation for registrants using the transfers report.

Include your accommodation options to make it easy for your registrants to book their room choices for your event. Keep track of room blocks with the accommodation report.

Do you do group travel movements? Add your pre-arranged flights in the booking form so your registrants can choose their flights whilst booking for the event, allowing you to accurately organise your flights from the flight report.

This advanced feature allows you to define which workshops and social events connect to which registration item. This feature allows complicated options to be included at ease.

Allow your exhibitors to choose their exhibition booth directly from the floor plan. Real-time updating of the floorplan makes it easy to see what booths are available at all times.
QR Codes

This feature allows you to include a QR code to your ticket, and using a standard phone, scan registrants into your event or take advantage of our App package and use this feature with your app during the event.
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Mobile Apps

Event apps are are now a staple element of any conference or brand event. They are expected by tech-savvy attendees, while sponsors and partners love the rich data they can capture. Versatility, positive ROI and insights are few of the reasons why adoption of event apps is seen as so valuable by event strategists.
  • Versatile

  • Positive ROI

  • Creative Features

Hybridity focuses to deliver on a number of key event app deliverables

This should be the ultimate goal of any event and apps help to deliver engagement unlike any other technology out there. Live Q&A, polling and surveys are but a few ways in which our platform builds an engaged audience. 
Within our app, attendees can connect with one another before, during and after an event through their detailed professional profiles with links to their social media accounts. Thanks to an attendee directory for target contacts, users can safely send private messages and even start scheduling one-to-one meetings in advance. 
Our apps keep you in the know of your delegates by providing in-depth data on different audience touchpoints. Given the variety of functionality and information contained in our app, attendees use it in a variety of ways. Putting together all this information can help measure the event’s impact and draw actionable insights. 
A very relevant deliverable given the time we live in. With a dedicated roll-up plan, an event app completely negates the need for printed programmes and documentation, thus reducing significantly your events impact on the environment. The side-effect of this too is that your printing costs can be reduced to zero if done correctly.